The School Guide in Markham

August 17, 2020

Settle in a community where your family can prosper! One of the top criteria a family considers before buying a home is the quality of education and proximity to schools nearby. Royal Victoria Towns is located only a short drive from several reputable institutions that allow children to achieve their highest potential! Here’s a guide to the schools you’ll find in Markham.

Victoria Square Montessori School

Victoria Square Montessori School is only a 1-minute walk from Royal Victoria Towns! The school is committed to providing quality care and educational activities that encourage growth and learning.

Their vision includes:
– To develop strong academic learning
– Inspire independence and good social and interpersonal skills
– Grow and develop motor skills
– Express themselves with all aspects of language
– Develop their identity, self-confidence, self-esteem, solve conflicts and function with others
– Develop a love for learning

Mastermind Montessori School

Send your children to one of the top-rated Montessori schools in Markham! Mastermind Montessori is only a 2-minute drive from Royal Victoria Towns. Their goal is to make students enjoy their educational experience and foster values of honesty, cooperation, empathy, compassion, self-respect, and mutual respect.

At Mastermind, they work to prepare the young minds for tomorrow’s challenges and support all children so they develop a life-long love of learning.

Royal Cachet Montessori School

Drive 1-minute and arrive at Royal Cachet Montessori School! Royal Cachet is a co-educational non-denominational and multicultural private school offering a variety of programs that promote intellectual, physical and emotional growth. They also provide daycare services for infants and toddlers, along with exemplary education with a full spectrum of authentic Montessori training materials and certified Montessori / RECE teachers in every classroom.

Their facilities are healthy and stimulating environments that promote wellness and encourage children to reach their immeasurable potential!

Trinity Montessori School

Trinity Montessori School is a private independent school located only a 4-minute drive from the Royal Victoria Towns. Since 1999, this school has nurtured strong, independent and capable children to thrive in higher educational institutions.

Their curriculum is created for the developmental stage of the child from infancy through 6th grade. They use unique, hands-on materials to encourage a better understanding of new concepts and guide the natural curiosity of children to foster success and a long love of learning.

At Trinity, their philosophy explains that with proper nurturing and guidance, each of their students will blossom into unique, strong and beautiful individuals who are capable and strongly rooted in academics.

J Addison School

J Addison School is only a 5-minute drive from home and offers Montessori programs, alongside an elementary and secondary school education. At J Addison, their mission is to provide an inclusive environment that fosters cooperative learning, intelligence, creativity and innovation. They cultivate a multidimensional educational environment that goes beyond academic accomplishments and personal achievements.

All students attending J Addison will leave with skills and values that are vital to becoming a responsible global citizen who’s ready to face the future with confidence, integrity, compassion, independence and leadership.

Sainte Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic Elementary School

Sainte Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic Elementary is a French immersion school located an 18-minute drive from the Royal Victoria Towns. This school makes it their priority to ensure every child feels welcomed and appreciated and to offer a high quality education that ensures the development of students in a French-speaking Catholic learning environment.

They consider parents an essential asset in achieving their educational mission and believe that students perform better when parents take an active role in their education. Sainte Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic Elementary invites all parents to participate in school activities and to take an interest in their progress.

York Region District School Board (YRDSB) Institutions Nearby:
– Sir John A. Macdonald Public School (1-minute drive)
– Lincoln Alexander Public School (3-minute drive)
– Victoria Square Public School (3-minute drive)
– Sir Wilfred Laurier Public School (3-minute drive)
– Pierre Elliot Trudeau High School (7-minute drive)
– Richmond Green Secondary School (8-minute drive)
– Bayview Secondary School (9-minute drive)
– Alexander Mackenzie High School (15-minute drive)

The YRDSB has a mission to advance student achievement and well-being through public education, which motivates learners, fosters inclusion, inspires innovation and builds community. They value inclusivity, meaningful relationships, responsibility, optimism and engagement between students, staff, parents and the community.

York Region Catholic District School Board (YRCDSB):
– St. Monica Catholic Elementary School (5-minute drive)
– St. Augustine Catholic High School (5-minute drive)
– St. Justin Martyr Parish (8-minute drive)
– St. John XXII Catholic Elementary School (10-minute drive)
– Our Lady Queen of the World Parish (10-minute drive)
– St. Brother André Catholic High School (13-minute drive)

The YRCDSB is one of the top-performing school boards in Ontario, with over 5000 dedicated instructional staff committed to uplifting students and building a strong community of lifelong learners. They encourage critical thinking, inclusion and active social responsibility. All staff work to support and inspire students and their families through an advanced curriculum of Catholic Education rooted in Gospel Values.

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